Shuanglong scenic area is located in Jinhua Shanxi Nanshan Mountain, national AAAA class tourist area, 15 km away from the urban area of Jinhua, a total area of 79.7 square kilometers, known as "Shuanglong scenic spots, fairy shrine, Zen Center, Zhejiang city reputation". Double Dragon Cave, Huang Daxian, and Akamatsu Yama, home market day, the peak of six major scenic spots, more than and 300 spots, is punishable by a mountain forest as the background, the underground river, karst landscape, Taoist resort features to tourist resort, leisure and sports, as the main function of the overseas pilgrimage scenic area, is also Huang Daxian legend, for rock tribute tea and other national intangible cultural heritage.

        The lofty palace is located in Shuanglong by our national scenic area in Deerfield lake, with Huang Ling in Wonderland, covers an area of 7.9 hectares, the palace building covers an area of 1.8 hectares, with an altitude of 562.8 meters, 716 meters deep into the seven advanced Zuting by 19 at the palace building, pavilion, Taiwan. The palace is deep and has become the most important place in china. It is three nance, a monastery, covers an area of 79999 square meters; the two is the palace, habitat of Lord Akamatsu Miya, the three is an area of 1000 square meters, 20 meters high on the roof under the tower of paris. This is unprecedented in the history of Taoism Chinese; three is a large Buddhist temple furnishings and 7.2 meters long, carved Xiangan, 1.5 meters in diameter and weighs 3 tons of bronze, copper and iron censer, Baoding, big drum will let you feast for the eyes. There is an altar between Akamatsu Miya's palace and the palace of the spirit of 18 meters in diameter, covering an area of about 255 square meters (). When you stand on the altar of the Yin and Yang Department said, or you and your friends are standing in the Yin and Yang of the fisheye, have a strong echo. Like Kongguchuansheng, people will listen to the voice of images, then named as telling the altar. According to a Zhejiang University scholars come to believe that after the inspection echo effect than Beijing Tiantan echo wall is much better. It is not better than Tiantan, Tiantan".

        Xian Xian waterfall waterfall hole collapse erosion type large underground caverns, the limestone distribution in 520-750 meters above sea level, the formation of three, five hall, a pool in the underground water dissolution, a total area of 2800 square meters. Flower, stone and other modern coral carbonate deposition of condensed water deposition of the multilayer underground river system, underground river deep etched corridor, 73 meters high waterfall, the area of 600 square meters into the deep pool, in the opening of the large and medium-sized cave, has a unique charm. In this one more two pieces of stalactites like the dragon and tiger, so called the Dragon Cave folk Hudong. There are two Qingtian stone pillars, spectacular. Finally, at the top of a staircase, and a small table, from the bottom of the hole to the immortal waterfall look, but because of the fog cover, and make the illusion of a bottomless pit. Just like in wonderland.

        Shuanglong castle, also known as Erxiantang hole, located in Zhejiang province Jinhua City Beishan Ssangyong Dong on the west side, is composed of three layers, two layers of Underground River Cave, and five corridors, five seat hall etc.. The flower, stalagmites, stalactites, stone curtains, waterfalls, Grand Canyon and other domestic rare. The long lost, until the last century in 70s to reproduce in the world, namely Tianmen shishi.

        Located in the south of Shuanglongdong, is a legend in Hong Kong and Macao and Southeast Asia overseas Chinese incense heyday Xian -- Enlightenment of Pinus densiflora Wong Tai Sin Gordon really. It was formerly the palace under the pine view, each monk presided over the palm three hole precession, incense, shengjiyishi. The Tang Dynasty poet Chen Ziang had come to find traces, have "spring up Jinhua" concept of poetry. Song Zheng and years of reconstruction and blessed spot, "world famous" plaque. Rebuilt in 1834, discovered the "wonders of Chengyang scold stone", came true when Huang Daxian shepherd in the "Chengyang scold stone" of the legend. Jinhua red Tongwa, surrounded by green trees, quiet elegant, to this day like another world, sitting outside the wind bell, aftertaste, really enjoy eternal rhyme.








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