Historical culture

   Jinhua Mountain is located in the northern suburbs of Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province. It is a national scenic area with the combination of the natural landscape, cave landscape, science exploration, sports and leisure, summer vacation, sightseeing and pilgrimage. It enjoys the same reputation with West Lake, Putuo Mountain and Yandang MountainIn eastern Han Dynasty, it was known as the "Famous Mountain in Jiangdong". Du Guangting of Tang Dynasty called it "the thirty-sixth hole of Jinhua Mountain in "Blessed Spots". "Double Dragon Lying in the Boat", "Waterfall from the Ice Pot" and "Huang Daxian Pilgrimage" enjoy the reputation of "the best three in the world".

Sixteen emperors from Xiao Yan, Emperor Wu of the Liang Dynasty to Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty once visited Jinhua MountainLiu Zhongqing, Li Bai, Wang Anshi, Sushi, Luyou, Xu Xiake and other men of letters of all dynasties all left a large number of poems, calligraphy and paintingsMao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De,Zhu RongjiWu Bangguo, Xi Jinping and other leaders of the Party and the country also paid a visit. "Two Caves of Jinhua" by Mr. Ye Shengtao has been loaded into the national language teaching material, which has influenced generations of Chinese people..

"The mountain is effective when there is fairy, no matter however high it is." The flourishing of the immortal culture of Jinhua Mountain makes it famous both at home and abroadEspecially when Huang Chuping was written into "ImmortalBiography" by The Eastern Jin Dynasty Taoist theorist Ge Hong, and the story that stones turned into sheep was widely spread. He was respected as Huang Daxian. The ancestral palace which dedicated Huang Daxian became the shrine of believers at home and abroad. "Huang Daxian" has become the famous "bridge" of cultural exchange between China and Jinhua.

With the accumulation of deep cultural landscape and the unique beauty of the natural landscape, Jinhua Mountain has become a famous leisure destination of tourism and sightseeing, leisure and holiday, summer health, eco-tourism in east China.



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