Ssangyong return, full of fairy tales

        Before heading to Shuanglongdong, general guide will take you to the next view of Jinhua. The concept of living in sin, sin Huang Chuping, young shepherd after the celestial show, in Jinhua Beishan immortal; its reputation has great influence in Southeast asia. Through a mural in the view of the tour guide, tells the story of Huang Daxian's life and "scold stone Chengyang" story to us; and to see a statue of sin, and a true to life in Shiyang, so we are at the foot of Daisen made a wish.

        After visiting Jinhua, we went to the double dragon. Double dragon is to the two leading, the dragons and the winding in the tail of the name. This is called the stone wonders of the attractions, is eager to an inquiry unexpectedly. The four of us lay down in a small boat. Hole is very low, can not rise. In the cave, the tour guide Miss is a story, we are fascinated by these myths. "

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