Travels of Shuanglong

Author: ye shengtao

On April 14th, I visited Shuanglongdong of the northern Mountain, Jinhua, Zhejiang.

It was about five kilometers from Jinhua city to Luodian, and gradually into the mountains. The highway was zigzaging. The mountains were full of azalea, whose flowers and leaves were of more spirit than the potted Rhododendron. Tungoiltree was flowering with clusters here and there. The sand on the hills was pink, and it seemed to have not been seen elsewhere. The pink colored mountains, azalea of all colors and dense or light green were bright in front.

  All the way I followed the stream. The mountains were sometimes wide, sometimes narrow, sometimes slow and sometimes urgent. The stream also changed the tone constantly. Shuanglong Hole was about five kilometers from the mountain, and the stream came out of the hole.

   When I looked up at the mouth of the hole, the mountain was quite high, towering and imposing. The mouth of the hole liked like a bridge with a great width. Inside it looked as if a hall surrounded by stone walls. There was a high stone top, where one thousand or eight hundred people did not feel crowded when gathering together to have a meeting. The spring water flowed away from the right side of the hole. This was the external hole.

 I found the origin of spring in the external hole, originally from the small opening of the left wall. Although it was the small opening, it could accommodate a small boat in and out. How small was the boat? It was just right when two people lay side by side, and it could not accommodate the third one. It was such a small boat. The two sides of the boat were tied with ropes. If the workers of the management got inside the hole first and pulled the rope, the boat went in. When the workers in the external hole pulled the rope on the other side, the boat went out. I was in a curious mood alone in the boat, and no one part from the back of the head to the back, the shoulder, the hip and to the heel stuck to the bottom of the boat. When I just said "ok", the boat began to move slowly. It was dim in front of my eyes, but I was still able to feel the rocks on the left, right and the top squeeze on me. I also felt that if my head rose a little slightly, I would knock my forehead and abraded my nose. After about two or three feet of water voyage, I just landed and went into the inner hole.

In the hole, it was black and invisible. The workers carried gasoline lamps, but they could only see a small place, and other places were full of darkness, so I did not know how wide it was. Workers raised the gas lamp and guided the scenery one by one inside the cave. Of course, the first was the two dragons winding in the top. One was yellow and the other was green. I followed his guidance, and it seemed true. The second is some stalactites and stalagmites. We imagined them as gods, animals, palaces and wares based on the shapes with a total number of 40. These stalactites and stalagmites had the most changeful shape and different colors. Even if not compared to something, it was worth watching

Walking in the hole, I found the inner hole was as large as a dozen houses, much larger than the external hole. The spring water went slowly and quietly on the right side. The source was in the dark hole.

I waited in line, lay on my back in the boat and went out.


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